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Free PreK online learning

Idaho parents can sign their pre-K kids up for free online learning now
For Immediate Release
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Kristin Rodine
Public information officer
[email protected]

Idaho parents can sign their pre-K kids up for free online learning now

(BOISE) – Idaho’s new web-based program to help children get ready for reading and
kindergarten is ready to roll, and parents are encouraged to sign up online.


Smarty Ants is intended to make free, interactive learning available to children before they
enter kindergarten. The five-year agreement between the State Department of Education and
the online literacy program Achieve3000 was approved by the State Board of Education April 5
and is free for the state as well as for families.

“In the few days between last week’s acceptance of the Smarty Ants grant and the website
going live, we have already heard from numerous parents anxious to sign their 4-year-olds up
for this free, fun online program,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said
Tuesday. “Our hope is that every Idaho child headed for kindergarten will use Smarty Ants to
help build a strong foundation for loving reading and succeeding in school.”
Smarty Ants is open to all Idaho 4-year-olds as well as children who have already turned 5 but
are not yet in kindergarten. 

When parents sign up, they will be greeted by introductory videos and a coloring sheet to help
children become familiar with the colorful animated characters that will lead them through
their journey to kindergarten readiness. As children progress through lesson games, parents
can monitor their child’s progress via an online dashboard and other tools.


Reporters, editors: To sample what Smarty Ants is like, check out this short video: