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Murtaugh High School is a small rural high school comprised of 73 students grades 9 through 12. Murtaugh Middle School is comprised 68 students grades 6-8. Our mission is to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning for all students to fulfill their maximum potential, by focusing on intellectual, technical, social, and physical development. Our mission statement establishes lofty goals that we strive to fulfill through our daily practices, strategic planning and continual improvement process. We offer quality academic programs to our students that establish a foundation for life-long learning. We implement interventions for students who need remediation and utilize a variety of advanced opportunities for students who are able to participate. We offer unique specialized programs designed to meet student needs and offer college and career readiness. We have utilized technology to expand the programs we are able to offer and are trying to individualize education to meet every student’s needs and goals. Our school excels in offering programs that promote social development. Our low student to teacher ratio creates an intimate environment where teachers are able to focus their attention on fostering the development of positive social skills. Our school tries to plan at least one or two day trips with students to expose them to different types of learning and life-skills that foster the development of positive living habits. We have numerous extra-curricular activities and elective options that promote healthy physical development and living choices. We believe our purpose is to develop the highest possible level of academic excellence. We believe that learning should be an exciting, life-long process fostered by the home, the school, and the community. We believe that students will be prepared to compete in a global professional-technical setting. We believe that success is displayed in many forms. We believe that students will be provided with a safe and secure school environment. These belief statements support our mission statement and aforementioned programs.