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Graduation Requirements

Murtaugh School Graduation Requirements

Students are expected to earn a total of 48 semester credits in order to complete graduation requirements.  Special Education students who have successfully completed their IEP leading to completion of high school will be awarded a diploma.

The core of instruction is twenty-nine semester credits:

     English-8 credits
     Speech-1 credit
     Algebra 1-2 credits
     Geometry-2 credits
     Addl. Math-2 credits  (2 credits must be taken in the last year of high school in                                                        which the student intends to graduate.)
     Science-6 credits      (4 credits need to be a laboratory science)
     Government-2 credits
     U.S. History-2 credits
     Economics-1 credit
     Humanities-2 credits
     Health/Wellness-1 credit
    * Electives-19 credits

College Entrance Exam

A student must take one of the following college entrance or placement exams before the end of the student's junior year:  COMPASS, ACT, or SAT.

Senior Project

A student shall complete a senior project that includes a research paper and oral presentation by the end of grade twelve.

ISAT Testing

Students will show proficiency on the Idaho Student Achievement Test (ISAT) as defined by the State Board of Education rules.  Students who do not attain at least a proficient score on the ISAT will have the option of appealing to the School board for relief from the ISAT proficiency requirement.